Dr Ramin Pakzad
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
C/ Ventura del Mar, Nº II
29600 Marbella

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Diagnostic Ultrasound

Dr Pakzad performs high resolution diagnostic ultrasound. The clinic is equipped with the Reverence Accuvix XQ Ultrasound Machine which provides high resolution images, 3D and 4D images and videos for improved diagnosis in gynaecology and obstetrics. Diagnostic ultrasound in more detail:

Gynecological Ultrasound. Breast Ultrasound Scan. Gynaecology Dr Pakzad Marbella

Gynaecological Ultrasound

Breast Ultrasound: performed for all women over the age of 25 as part of annual gynaecology check up.

Diagnostic 3D guided breast ultrasound for accurate tumour location and high speed core biopsy.

Gynaecological Ultrasound: Assessment of the uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities.

Follicle measurement: accurate diagnosis of ovulation when planning pregnancy.

Obstetrical Ultrasound. Gynaecology Dr Pakzad Marbella

Obstetric Ultrasound

Nuchal and Anomaly scans: Down syndrome screening week 14, Anomaly Scan week 20/21.

Routine ultrasound monitoring included in antenatal care.

Diagnostic ultrasound of the foetus and placenta including Doppler ultrasound assessment of the uterine artery, umbilical artery and cerebri media artery flow.

3D/4D images, videos of the embryo and fetus.

Fetal monitoring/Cardiotocography

At High Care International Hospital, Marbella, Dr Pakzad provides high resolution ultrasound, blood investigations and hormone analysis as well as gynaecological check-ups, advice on contraception and family planning plus diagnostic hormone analysis.

Obstetrics, prevention and aftercare. Gynaecology Dr. Pakzad Marbella


Obstetrics, prevention and aftercare.

Outpatient and Inpatient Surgery. Gynaecology Dr. Pakzad Marbella


Outpatient and Inpatient Surgery.

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